Resistone® systems can be used on floors, walls and even furniture. They are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, staircases, as well as terraces, swimming pools or exterior facades. Each project is unique and personalized according to your wishes.

Resistone EX GROUND

Laboratory tests

Surface hardness UNE-EN 13892-6 184 N/mm2
Impact resistance UNE-EN ISO 6272:2012: 1kg from a height of 1500mm No cracks
Mark size after impact with 1kg weight from height of 1500mm 8,8 mm
Bending resistance 16,6 Mpa
Chemical resistance. No damage after 24h exposure to water, bleach, ammonia, oil
Slip resistance: class 2

Resistance tests

Resistance: Resistone (9:11)

You can select the top quality products according to your needs

Primer and finish products can be combined in different ways depending on the requirements of the substrate and the intended use of the surface. Primer systems are designed to level out the substrate and, through their flexibility, prevent any micro-cracks in the substrate from passing through to the top layers of the system. At the same time, they increase the resistance to compression, commonly known as impact. The finishing systems offer mechanical resistance, tightness and a great decorative effect.


Instructions: Resistone Posadzki