Microcement, is also known as microcrete, microtopping or cire concrete. It has been used for many years in western European countries as a finishing material for floors, walls and other architectural elements. It is an excellent alternative to typical floor coverings such as ceramic tiles, wood or panels. In addition, it is an element of unique craftsmanship in your interior. Its textures are reminiscent of concrete, stone or a solid-coloured surface, giving a unique look with an elegant and modern character.

Key features of Resistone®

Resistone enables you to mix several colours within a single surface. In addition, with tinted lacquers you can create painting, pattern or lettering elements in the top layer of the system.

Quick application

Resistone systems are based on the knowledge and experience of skilled specialists. This makes it possible to reduce the length of work typical of common microcement systems to as little as 3 days.

Easy to prepare

Resistone is a complete and ready-to-use product tinted at the point of production . You get an ‘open & play’ product – ready to apply to surfaces. Only the strongest EX systems require the addition of a second component to the coloured paste.

Work safety

Most microcement systems are characterised by rapid setting – this has the effect of keeping processing time for fresh material to a minimum. We focus on a balance between adequate setting and the time needed to refine the applied layer. Less experienced contractors can locally correct unwanted effects with coloured polyurethane varnish layers.

Stain resistant and watertight

The high resin content allows us to achieve a non-porous system that does not absorb water and is not susceptible to staining. Resistone EX has high water tightness even before varnishing. This is a key feature because, unlike traditional microcement systems, it does not need polyurethane layers to seal out absorption and liquid penetration.


Modern microcements do not crack as long as the substrate they are applied to does not crack. It is very important to analyse the surface on which the microcement is applied. Then the flexibility of the individual layers comes into play in order to avoid the transmission of cracks to the final coating. We offer bespoke base coat systems – the highest performance is achieved with EPlastic.

Increased scratch and stain resistance

The unique product formulation that gives hardness to the top layers of the system makes Resistone much more resistant to compression and scratching than other thin-layer systems.

Why Resistone®?

Resistone® is a unique technology because it meets most of our customers’ expectations. You get an exceptional surface with high performance, resistant to absorption and much more resistant to mechanical damage than competing systems. Any architect can realise the boldest design concepts based on an unlimited palette of colours and effects and the highest quality of the system. The contractor reduces project risks to a minimum, as our systems are optimally simplified in terms of product preparation and application.


Our priority is to provide the best quality and most reliable solutions in the field of microcement coverings.


In 2008, we specialised in the application of microcement – at that time, we could not find the products needed to apply microcement of the right quality on the market. A combination of products from different suppliers did not improve the situation, so we embarked on an advanced research and development process to achieve a system which met our customers’ needs.

Our deep understanding of the needs of the contractor and the end user means that we demand the best quality from our systems. We rely on an extensive team of specialists in construction, chemistry, workmanship and coating system development. As a result, we test all our products in-house and are constantly looking for improvements in quality, ease of application and achieving the highest customer satisfaction.


In 2013 we introduced Resistone Ready, the first ‘ready to use’ product on the market. In 2016, we developed Resistone EX, the best, proven material for application on continuous surfaces. In 2020, we launched another important product, the microcement Resistone Nature: the Ecologic Nature. We now produce – considered the best – microcement continuous coating systems, selling them in over 20 countries worldwide, where we have a growing network of partners and distributors as interest in our services grows.


In addition to the basic Resistone colour palette, we can offer you colours from publicly available palettes such as NCS and RAL, and if that is not enough, our laboratory will be happy to prepare a personalised colour to your special request.


If you want us to realise your idea – let us know. We will show you our standard patterns and colours, help you choose the right system to meet your expectations and prepare a sample book in the colour and texture of your choice.